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Signature Skin Pampering Facial

Updated: May 5, 2021

A perfect treatement for clients who want a customized experience! Each of our treatments are specifically customized for what your skin needs! Since everyones skin is different, you may not know what your skin needs, so let the Pro's choose for you! Signature Skin Pampering combines the essential steps of cleansing, exfoliation, steam, deep pore cleansing, and customized masks.

Our beauty gurus are able to completely specialize all treatments whether that be a deep cleanse treatment, anti aging treatment, sensitive skin treatment, a treatment for combination skin and/or oily skin.

Your appointment will first start with a consultation to address your main concerns and goals for your skin. Immediately following your guru will perform a skin analysis to decide the proper course for treatments. After your analysis your treatment will than begin. A Signature Skin Pampering treatment is approximately 1 hour long (may be longer depending on add ons) with the first 5 minutes being your consultation and the last 5 minutes being product recommendations/ home regimen to have long lasting results. Please try to arrive 10 minutes early for paperwork.

To enhance your facial experience we do have several add ons that are a possibly to be added to your appointment day of or before;

* Warm Stones ($30) please alert at the beginning of appointment

* Paraffin Deep Treatment Masque ($20)

* Lip Treatment ($5)

* Hand Treatment ($25)

Benefits of Warm Stones: The heat and energy of the stones de-stresses, energizes, deep cleanses, increases circulation, decreases tension headaches, and promotes increased well being. While promoting circulation toxins are being eliminated from the skin.

Benefits of Paraffin Deep Treatment: This 2nd layer masque is an additional masque that will be placed on top of your "specialized masque" (masque customized to your specific skincare needs) to allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin, helps with fluid retention, hydrates and softs skin while reducing fine lines, and overall produces skin circulation.

Lip treatment: Say bye-bye to chapped lips. Deep exfoliation of lips. Perfect for removing dead skin cells and producing soft, smooth voluptuous lips.

Hand treatment: Hands are first dry brushed cleansed than exfoliated. A mini massage will also be added to produce skin circulation. The hand treatment is also paired with a paraffin deep treatment masque to hydrate and soften hands on skin.

Deposits are required in order to book an appointment, we do require a $50 down for all facial treatments this will then be deducted day of from your total. If you happen to reschedule, cancel or no show deposits are nonrefundable and deposit are nontransferable. If you do no show an appointment you must pay for that missed appointment in full before booking any further appointments

Price ranges on product use and length of service, prices range from $70-150 for the Signature Skin Pampering Treatment.

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