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The Beauty Guru of the Midwest! For Brooke Fleetwood, owner of BB Makeup Cosmetics, spending her life doing anything other than makeup was never an option. “My mom told me to explore being an esthetician,” Fleetwood says. “When I learned I could combine studying skin and makeup, there wasn’t any doubt. I wanted to do what I love.”


Now she’s known for her HUGE pink obsession and glamorous style, both of which stand out in the more traditional Midwest. In many franchised BB Makeup stores, with locations across the US. BB Headquarters is located in Hudson, WI. She also has her own makeup line. These successes, according to Fleetwood, grew out of struggle and a little luck. Not to mention her extreme work ethic.


“I take pride in knowing that my cosmetics and skin care line are made with only the best ingredients on the market.”


During the week, Fleetwood and her employees, the “BB Dollz,” provide an array of services, from the extremely popular brow micro-blading, lash extensions, skin care, cosmetic tattooing, makeup application, lessons and much more. When the weekend hits, Brooke switches gears to a larger scale: makeup for wedding parties and events. She has traveled all over the country beautifying brides to look their very best for the most important day of their lives.


“I love changing people’s lives and the way they think about themselves. That’s the most rewarding thing ever, that first look in the mirror.”


PINK, PINK, PINK!! One of her most famous makeovers is, surprisingly, her own house. While she draws some inspiration for makeup from Instagram, the design of Fleetwood’s "pink castle" is all her own.


“I’m obsessed with pink, but I never thought I would own a pink house. My husband found it online and was the one who suggested I paint it pink.”


As a departure from the bubblegum factor of the first two levels, she’s planning something a little more Midwestern. “Because I can’t get away for the weekends, I want to still be able to go to the cabin,” Brooke says. “My ‘cabin’ will be the third floor. It’s going to be totally cabin-themed, and not what you would expect from the rest of the house.”


Take a look around the site and let us know if you have any questions! 

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