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Anti Aging Facial: A facial strictly focused on reversing the aging process; from targeting deep lines, to tightening up the loose extra skin, brightening the skin, and eliminating any hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Eye Treatment included. 
1 hour: $100-120        30min: $60
Skin Pin / Micro Needling: The skin pain treatment is the best way to resurface your skin. The microscopic pins puncture each pore, allowing collagen growth and give the skin a rejuvenated finish. If you have texture, acne scarring, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, large pores or fine lines, this treatment is for you!
30min: $100
Ultimate Deep Cleanse: Blackheads? Or congested pores? This is what you need! We take deep cleanse to a new level! From vacuuming the skin to using high frequency to kill the bacteria. 
1 hour: $80-100        30min: $60
The Fabulous Peel: This is literally the best peel you will ever have...No redness and little to none skin irritation; burning, itching. Yet it still resurfaces, helps with cell turn over, uneven pigmentation, acne scarring, collagen reproduction & will give you that youthful glow. YOU WILL LOVE IT
BB SKIN  1 hour: $80        30 min: $60 
GOLD FACIAL: Pure gold flake mask
BB Gold                      1 hour $150.      
Ear Candle Facial: Are your ears clogged? Sinus' bugging you? Congested? The ear candle treatment is one fabulous non-medicated way to help with these symptoms.                         Lavender Cones        30 min       $30 per ear      
Teen Treatment: Designed to meet the special needs of teen skin! A perfect  opportunity to learn about your skin and on going skin care. Ages 18 and under.
BB skin 30min: $50
Back facial: A deep pore cleansing, skin refining, exfoliation, smoothing facial for the back. This back facial improves the overall appearance of the skin, plus gives the stress  relieving benefits of a relaxing massage. Great to help with acne on the back.
1 hour: $80         30min: $50
The Zap Treatment: The "zap" treatment otherwise known as high frequency is a bacteria killer! This 10-15 treatment is used to zap zits and problem areas killing the acne/ zit at any stage. So Got a blemish? Come on in! Recommended every 5-7 days apart for 5 treatments for ultimate results. Helps treat breakouts for 4-6 months after the first treatment.
Single: $20F
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