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Because the hygienic integrity of our products is of the highest importance, BB does not accept returns on cosmetics. While we are aware that some retailers do offer returns on items, we are also aware that some of these merchants will then resell the same used or un-used merchandise. To ensure that our customers only receive product in unused, pristine condition, we do not engage in this practice. This policy pertains strictly to all merchandise, including products containing alcohol (i.e. brush cleansers, BB Skin, etc).



Any shipped merchandise that arrives damaged or incorrectly sent to our customers will be immediately replaced, and no additional shipping charges will be incurred by the customer. Please report any damaged products immediately upon receipt, so that the appropriate claims can be filed with our shipping companies. Neglecting to do so and/or use of the products despite the damage constitutes acceptance of the item in the condition it arrives in, and renders us unable to file the appropriate claim, which can result in the refusal of your return.

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