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LUXURY Lash Extensions

When having lash extensions: make sure you wash them every night with lash extensions cleanser or oil-free makeup remover. Your lashes contain their own mite and can build up over time if you have extensions and don’t wash them🤢

Volume lashes are safe! Just TAKE care of them! Brush them, wash them and love them! 💕If your good to them they will be good to you! 

If your lash extensions start to itch and your eyelid becomes puffy. You don’t have to quit your lashes!! We have allergy lash cleanser and oil to help with lash allergies. Also!! We have allergy free glue! 👁 
If you have a pre-existing eye condition or disease. Consult with your doctor prior to lash extensions. 👩‍⚕️ 

Lash Extensions Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

😷 Treatment: Lash Extensions 
🎯 Purpose: Add length & volume
How it works: Using medical grade glue to glue on one by one lash or volume lashes. 
Note: Before or after lash extensions do not use mascara or remover that contains oils
Phone: 715.781.0248
Email: Email through website
Book online:👆🏻
Location: 512 3rd St Hudson, WI (headquarters of BB)
Technique: Singles or volume 
Time it takes: Initial Set up to 1 hour. 
Fills: 30 min every 2-3 weeks 
Recovery: Instant gratification 
Lasts: medical your last’s got up to two months. But will need “fills” every 2-3 weeks. 
Caution: Must be performed by an experienced provider, Me! 
Certification: Brooke Fleetwood: licensed Medical Aesthetician-2007, Tattoo Artist- 2016. 
Pain level: None 
Average Cost: price determines on which thickness/ length you choose. Fills $50
💳 Deposit: $75

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